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M.R.K.T. products are crafted from unconventional and socially responsible materials, embodying the spirit of creativity, experimentation, and innovation. Because of the uniqueness of our products, some of our customers may have questions about proper care and maintenance. This guide is meant to provide you with information for cleaning and maintaining the integrity of your new M.R.K.T. bag.


VEGN LEATHER: Our vegan friendly polyurethane is maintenance free, lightweight, and animal friendly. It is crafted from polyurethane, is water resistant, and can be cleaned simply by using a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or stains. It is generally safe to use in rainy conditions, but is not meant to withstand your intrepid scuba diving adventures.


SMRT FELT: 100% recyclable and made by a leading German manufacturer, our felt is composed of very tightly woven synthetic fibers that give your bag rigidity and structure, and makes it remarkably water and stain resistant. We have made sure to cover high friction areas with protective panels, though felt may have a tendency to pill if it is subjected to excessive friction. Some people like this fuzzy look. But if you don’t, you can take a common disposable razor and shave off the pills. This may sound MAD at first, but after years of shave tests (yes, we perform shave tests), we have found that the integrity of the bag does not noticeably diminish over time, and you’re off looking good as new in a matter of minutes.

SUPR FELT: Coming from the same core material as SMRT FELT, our innovative SUPR FELT has an added process during which we melt the fibers on the surface of the material. This creates a non-porous and solid finish that is both highly durable and water resistant. Unlike it's SMRT FELT predecessor, SUPR FELT does not pill and requires very little maintenance. If your bag does get dirty, we suggest you clean it with a damp cloth. 


THRMO RESIN: TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, is a biodegradable resin that has a rubbery feel and is 100% waterproof, making our bags in this material ideal for cycling in the elements. TPU is very easy to clean simply by using a damp cloth. Water will bead off the bag without issue, keeping your valuables safe inside.


MCRO SUEDE: With threads 20x finer than silk, our microfiber range represents the premium end of our designs. Although a synthetic alternative to animal leather, microfiber should be treated with care and should not be subjected to rain or snow. It is moderately water resistant in small amounts. However if you should get a stain on your microfiber bag, we have found that a damp cloth and some hand soap will usually do the trick.

MCRO LEATHER: Our smooth microfiber is vegan friendly and has a buttery texture. Similar to it's MCRO SUEDE cousin, the microfiber material should be treated with care. A damp cloth and hand soap will remove most stains. For hard to clean stains, use a typical water based cleaner.


DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to wash your bag in a washing machine, use detergents or bleach, or dry clean your bag. If you have questions about proper care, please write us at questions@mrktstore.com. 

The suggestions provided here do not represent a warranty and are for informational purposes only.